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Four Seasons Spundown Duvet


Smartfil Synthetic Spundown Duvet

from The Fine Bedding Company

The Duvet that loves to be washed

The Smartfil Spundown duvet can be washed at home in a domestic washing machine at 60º

A revolution in Duvet Design, offering the ultimate in comfort and practicality.

The Filling of the Spundown duvet is made from the finest of fibres giving a superbly soft and lightweight duvet, but still with all the warmth you need. The fibre filling is highly compressible, enabling all sizes of duvet to fit into a domestic washing machine.

The cover of the Spundown duvet is made from a lightweight microfibre. Its advanced design means that it dries faster than other fabrics, and adds to the comfort and softness of the duvet.

The Spundown duvet is naturally non-allergenic. The ability to wash it at 60c, a temperature that kills dust mites, ensures that it remains allergen free. Unlike many other anti-allergy products, Spundown is not chemically treated.

Line drying is recommended

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