Why Wool Blankets

  1. A UK Manufactured product.  
    One of the few textile manufacturing industries that still exists in the UK.
  2. The choice of weight and number of Blankets used is a personal preference. There is no scale equivalent to the tog rating by which duvets are measured.
  3. Blankets are always used in conjunction with other bedding products such as sheets and Bedspreads.  In today’s homes where central heating is the norm Merino and pure New Wool Blankets can provide the optimum level of comfort.
  4. It should be noted that the Duvet was originally designed for use in Scandinavian countries where the climate conditions tend to be extremely cold but also dry. Our climate is much warmer and generally more humid. This can cause the body to overheat and lead to a very uncomfortable night's sleep.
  5. We spend around a third of our lives in in bed with most people requiring 7-8 hours of rest per night to enable them to wake refreshed and alert for the busy working day.  Scientfic research has shown that wool bedding has proven natural attributes which can promote a better quality of sleep.
  6. Wool bedding ensures consistent body temperatures leading to less restless nights for the sleeper. The unique thermal properties of wool retain warmth whist allowing the body to breathe, keeping you warm in winter and cool in the Summer and without the clamminess of synthetic material.     
  7. Wool Blankets are versatile – just add or subtract a layer to reach your ideal temperature all year round.
  8. Only Wool has the ability to breathe and wick away moisture leading to increased deep sleep and also to conditions which inhibit the growth of allergy-causing bacteria.
    Greater comfort leads to lower heart rates, less movement and calmer sleep.
  9. The restorative properties of a good nights sleep affect the state of mind giving a more positive and creative outlook, and the physical health of the body as it repairs itself during the night.
    A bed made with soft wool blankets and the best quality bed linen is a smart, safe and clean place to retreat from the world and feel comfort and protection.
  10. Traditional bedding can be combined more elegantly with throws and bedspreads for the fashionable modern smooth look draped with decorative accessories.
  11. As well as being healthy in use, wool is environmentally friendly – it comes from a renewable resource and the process of Blanket manufacture are controlled to protect the environment. There are no harmful chemical residues.
  12. Wool is naturally flame resistant and if accidentally ignited it will smoulder and go out.